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Happy New Year!

We at EOS would like to wish you a happy new year! A new year also means a whole lot of new and fun EOS activities.

Join us for international food and games on January 7th. Down for a drink? We’ve at EOS got you, come socialize at the new year’s borrel for the first borrel of the decennium! (Pre)Master student and want to blow of some steam? Join us for the (Pre)Master Vrijmibo on January 10th.

The academic year has begun!

After an amazing introduction week the EOS academic year has begun! We will begin this month with the committee info borrel and ofcourse the introduction weekend to Antwerp. Come join us in our members lounge FoyEOS (HG-02A3) for a grilled cheese or a round of table football and for questions you can always stop by our boardroom (HG-02A61).

The XXIVth board wishes you a fantastic start of your academic year!


EOS-blog #23: Our last days as a board

Dear EOS member,

First of all, I hope you had a great holiday, that you are well rested and that you had a lot of fun! The lectures have started again, which means that the new academic year has officially started.

This also means the end of our board year is near. Whereas we were almost hammered in as XXIIIrd board around this time last year, we now will be hammered out soon.

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